The application has been developed by local programmers in Mozambique and supervised by our internal technical and agricultural team. The first version is developed for Android operative system and is currently being tested in Moamba, Mozambique. The app can run on a simple smartphone with minimum Android 5.1. Test in Mozambique has been done on a Vodacom Smart Kicka 3 with the cost of 25 USD for each device. The app use the 3G network - however it has an offline option so data can be stored at the phone if the network is temporary unavailable. The advisor may overview several entrepreneurs from the PC version. The advisor interface runs on a web-based platform. From here the advisor can assess the performance of the entrepreneurs and messages can be send automatically or manually to each user. This gives the user a constant backup and support.

Value proposition summary
-          Discipline
-          Motivation
-          Business mindset
-          Access to advisory
-          Access to discounts from suppliers
-          Free data bundles included
-          Market information
-          Network forum to other local producers
-          Access to funding options