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danishknowhow® offer investment opportunities and capacity building, to create commercial sustainable agri-businesses with a significant social impact. Our services are based on our own developed ingrower® business model - a concept combining commercial sustainability with social impact.

In our projects, we empower micro farmers with absorbable management tools and we focus intensively on increasing their motivation. Our clients are impact investors, governments and donors who wish to facilitate agricultural development, based on entrepreneurship, job creation and financial sustainability.

We are dedicated to transform subsistence farming into commercial successful agribusinesses - through training, capacity building and investment support. With more than 10 years of experience, we comprehensively understand, how to make agriculture an attractive business opportunity for young people living in underdeveloped rural areas. Our tools are based on our world-wide experience and expert knowledge from Danish food production. Denmark has the highest per capita food production in the world. Less than 100.000 farmers produce food equivalent for 15 million people. danishknowhow bring the technology and entrepreneurship spirit from Danish farmers to developing countries. 

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