Ingrower® Mobile

ingrower® Mobile is a smart phone application to encourage young people to jump start their own business and embrace entrepreneurship as an exciting and economic rewarding way of life. 

Africa needs more young people in agribusiness - but agriculture in Africa is unattractive and considered as low status occupation and not as a business. Smallholder farmers are grossly under-producing because they don’t believe that farming can improve their livelihoods. Through our physical ingrower projects we have seen the difference between high and low performing entrepreneurs. Small things make the difference, and these are usually related to the effort of the entrepreneur. Information about ingrower model and background.

The scheme to the right shows the actual results achieved by our chicken entrepreneurs in Mozambique. In the average (base case scenario) the gross profit per chicken is 61 MT. If the performance of the producer drops with 10% (ex. added 10% mortality and 10% extra costs) the gross profit per chicken is halved. If performance drops with 20%, gross profit is negative, and the entrepreneur will lose money for each chicken produced.

Low performance can for example occur due to too hot conditions because wall curtains have not been opened – or it gets too cold because curtains have not been closed during night. Many other situations can lead to loss in productivity – for example lack of water or feed for a few hours. Most important factors are in the control of the entrepreneurs. Such factors can easily give or loss on several percentage during a few hours. The result is too low income for entrepreneurs and with the effect that the business does not attract new entrepreneurs.

With the Ingrower Mobile the entrepreneur gets a constant overview of the performance and a tool to get the needed business mindset and daily discipline in the work. The first Ingrower Mobile is developed for young chicken producers at our own project in Mozambique. Ingrower Mobile will motivate young farmers, to perform diligent business care, by offering motivation, technical knowledge, and transparency to their daily operations. Entrepreneurs will use the Ingrower Mobile app for showing and measuring results, get advice, and to store data. Entrepreneurs submit budgets and key figures and share their results to display their performance for themselves and for friends and family through social media.

Use of the application:
·         When starting up using the ingrower mobile the user makes the budget together with the advisor. This can be at the app or from a PC
·         The user starts the production and register daily activities and conditions in the chicken house
·         Every day the user is requested to put in data for example feed consumption, mortality and temperature
·         If he forgets to put in data or the data is out of the defined range, he will get a notification at the mobile
·         Both the user and the advisor can follow the performance - real time at the dashboard
·         Based on the inputs the ingrower mobile projects the potential gross profit on an ongoing basis. This way the user sees the direct connection between daily actions and future profit
·         From back-end the advisor can follow the performance and support the user by addressing focus areas and give advice
·         After each production cycle the user gets a summary of the results. This indicates the clear key-figures on own performance, productivity and gross profit
·         The achieved key figures can be compared with other users or the industry standards
·         The results and performance summary can also be used to share with colleagues and friends at social media
·         And it can be used to present for a bank, crowd-funders or other financiers who wish to assess the performance and results of the entrepreneur

The application has been developed by local programmers in Mozambique and supervised by our internal technical and agricultural team. The first version is developed for Android operative system and is currently (March 2019) being tested in Moamba, Mozambique. The app can run on a simple smartphone with minimum Android 5.1. Test in Mozambique has been done on a Vodacom Smart Kicka 3 with the cost of 25 USD each.

The app use the 3G network - however it has an offline option so data can be stored at the phone if the network is temporary unavailable. The advisor may overview a number of entrepreneurs from the PC version. The advisor interface runs on a web-based platform. From here the advisor can assess the performance of the entrepreneurs and messages can be send automatically or manually to each user. This gives the user a constant backup and support.