Procedure when going to Denmark

Persons travelling for training in Denmark, holding a non-Schengen passport, must follow the below procedure:

1. Do instalment of full amount to our bank account – received invoice with payment instructions. (remember to get you name marked on the transfer, so we can register you payment)

2. Fill in the form “Visa invitation”. Please complete one form for each participant and return to us as a word document by email. We will sign and send a copy to you and to the embassy.

3. Apply for the visa at the embassy. You will have to bring:

  • A signed, completed visa application form
  • Your passport valid for at least three months after your planned departure date. Moreover, your passport/travel document must have been issued within the past ten years and must have at least two blank pages
  • A passport photo measuring 35mm x 45mm. The distance from your chin to the top of your head should measure between 30mm and 36mm. The photograph should bear a close resemblance to your current appearance and you should be facing the camera directly.
  • Payment of visa processing fee (typically €60)
  • Relevant documentation, such as information that the program is relevant for you work or education.
  • Proof that you have the financial sources to pay for the program
  • You should also include information that will allow immigration authorities to determine whether you plan to leave the Schengen region when your visa expires
  • Proof that you have travel insurance. The policy must be valid throughout the Schengen region for the entire visa period. Minimum coverage must be €30,000

Above are standard rules. Please always check the requirements at the embassy.

4. Decision on visa issuing. danishknowhow does not have influence on the decision. The embassy will consult us and the applicant and make their decision. If applicant did not have a Schengen visa before most cases will be forwarded to Copenhagen and the process will take up to 2 months. In case the visa is declined we will be informed the reason why/the justification from the embassy.

  • If the visa application is declined and all information provided to the embassy were correct, we will refund 90% of the amount to your account.
  • If the visa application is declined due to false documents or insufficient/incorrect information we will not refund the pre-payment.

5. The exact dates for the program are decided.

6. Buy your flight ticket as specified and you can pick up the visa

7. Send information to us that the process is completed and you are ready to go.