Investment opportunities

danishknowhow® has entered agreements with local partners, to replicate the ingrower® business model at new locations in sub-Saharan Africa. Currently five projects are agreed in Uganda and Nigeria. Each project will engage about 100 entrepreneurs with chicken and vegetable production. Projects are financial viable and seek investments of approx. USD 2.5m each. 

Key figures:
-          Financial need for each unit is approx. USD 2,5 mill
-          Capital is to be provided as social investment from private companies, NGO’s and governmental institutions.
-          The financial assumptions indicate an ROI well above 10% within the first 10 years.
-          Each Ingrower unit will engage 100 entrepreneurs on 100 hectares of vegetable growing and 50 chicken houses.
-          Entrepreneurs will stay in average 1½ year in the project
-          A flow of about 70 persons will every year leave the project with new skills, business experience and capital saved.

Contact danishknowhow® for further details and investment proposals.