Investment roadmap (pre-feasibility study)

·         Get overview of the project
·         Evaluate ideas and decide direction
·         Present to partners and investors

danishknowhow® offer a review of your agribusiness investments plans with the aim to do the first successful presentations to financial partners and to plan the future steps. The roadmap will be the first important step forward to create a successful project. 

Together with you and your staff, we will run a dialogue on the possibilities and summarize it all in a presentation. Main topics will be:

Production assessment
·        Production possibilities
·        Alternatives

Investments assessment
·        Needed facilities
·        Usable existing facilities
·        Investment budget

·        Channels
·        Product prices

·        Investments
·        Operations

·        Assessment report
·        Investor presentation

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danishknowhow® is a private company founded in 2005. Our tools are based on expert knowledge from Danish agriculture combined with our world-wide experience. Denmark has the highest per capita food production in the world. Less than 100.000 farmers produce food equivalent for 15 million people. We bring technology and entrepreneurship spirit from Danish farmers to developing countries. We focus on productivity, food safety and sustainability all through the value chain.