ingrower® business development

Having proved the feasibility of the ingrower business model, danishknowhow® introduce the ingrower business model to stakeholders in the public and private sector. We promote partnerships and joint ventures with commercial companies, institutions, international development partners and impact investors. danishknowhow will lead the development and make the ingrower concept and knowledge available to new projects, against equity share in new projects.

danishknowhow will lead the development and implementation of the scheme. We will:
-          Develop business plan
-          Support approach of potential financing
-          Setup business structure and financial close
-          Lead the investment and establishment of facilities
-          Support start-up of production, recruiting employees and entrepreneurs.
-          Provide advanced training and business support to the entrepreneurs and employees

Potential clients must have:
-          Strong financial structure and preferable access to funding
-          Access to a site for establishing the Ingrower
-          Fertile farming land suitable for vegetables
-          Located close to an educational institute or the alike with potential candidates to join the project
-          Located close to market possibilities for chicken and vegetable

Contact danishknowhow® for further details and proposals.