Company history

danishknowhow® was established in 2005 and registered as a limited company (ApS) in 2006. The initial business idea was to assist food producers worldwide to learn from the Danish farmers and food industries. These by training of managers and staff members, provide advice, and facilitate contact to companies and experts within the relevant business field. 

In 2007 danishknowhow established its own training facility located in Snertinge, Denmark. However, training is also taking part in other areas of Denmark on academies, farms and company sites. Also training is offered locally and since the establishment, more than 1000 people from more than 10 different countries have participated in danishknowhow’s training programs. Since 2010 a new focus on developing countries was introduced. Though training and development - danishknowhow utilize the knowledge from Danish agriculture. This both on technical level and through the entrepreneurship spirit present among the Danish farmers.

2005 danishknowhow® is established
2006 Training programs launched for Russian and Ukrainian farmers
2007 Training programs on location in Russia
2008 Training programs launched for Kazakhstan
2010 Letter of intent for JV in Mozambique
2011 Registration of “Machadosknowhow Ltd.” in Mozambique
2011 First development of ingrower® business model
2011 Agreement on support from Danida
2013 Agreement on investment from with Bestseller Foundation
2013 Construction of 20 chicken houses and slaughter house in Moamba
2014 Agreement with Dyrenes Beskyttelse (animal protection organisation) on pig project in Mozambique
2015 Launch of ingrower business model in Nigeria
2016 Launch of ingrower business model in Uganda

About us

Denmark has the highest per capita food production in the world. Less than hundred thousand farmers produce food equivalent for 15 million people.