Danish welfare pigs in Mozambique

danishknowhow® test a Danish pig production system at the premises at the JV machadosknowhow in Moamba, Mozambique.

Danish animal protection organization, Dyrenes Beskyttelse, works to improve the welfare of production animals. In Denmark the organization has been in the lead to develop new sustainable production systems for pigs. Systems that focus on animal welfare, sustainability and profitability for the farmers. Among this systems are the brands “Velfærdsdelikatesser” and “Friland” which have achieved great success on the Danish market.

Objective of the new project is to develop a free range pig production system based on the same values – and adopted to African conditions. The project will be implemented in cooperation with danishknowhow® - who will do the practical implementation at the premises at the JV machadosknowhow in Moamba, Mozambique.

During 2015 and 16 a pilot project will be established. This consists of production facilities with four production sows, with the capacity to produce approx. 40 piglets ready to sell in Mozambique for the Christmas season 2016. The production will be carried out of local entrepreneurs within the ingrowerTM concept. ingrower is a commercial project based on individual profit sharing with a number of small scale entrepreneurs. The platform offers production facilities, land, irrigation, capital, training and support. Local entrepreneurs are invited to run their own business inside the In-grower. Each business has independent budgets and accounts. Profit of the production is shared 50/50 between the entrepreneurs and the ingrowerTM